Widows Month 2019

 ****** Masonic Widows’ Month ******

Behind all good masons is a great support system. For most of us our support system is our family and the head of that support system is our spouse. While we are away at meetings, practices, or other Masonic events, our spouse is at home taking care of things for us. Taking care of things at home can be as simple as paying a bill or as complicated as taking care of the kid(s). The bottom line is that without a good support system we couldn’t be as active as we are with our lodge. 


My brothers, when was the last time you took a moment to thank your support system? I have to admit that I have not thanked my wife nearly as much as I should. Our families support us not only for Masonic events, but for work and for life in general. Sometimes, life gets busy and we take our support systems for granted. 


Whether your support system is your significant other, kids, sibling, mother, father, or any combination of the above, don’t forget to thank them for their support. Don’t wait for a special holiday, birthday, or life altering event to tell them you love and appreciate them and all of their support. Maybe even bring them to the lodge for an open event or for the stated dinner.  Not only will they get to see the brothers you spend time with but they will see what means so much to you. Besides, your brothers would love to meet and thank them for supporting you in your Masonic journey. 


Statistically, your wife will be there taking care of things for you when you are called by the Great Architect of Universe to turn in your working tools and report to the Celestial Lodge above. The month of March was Masonic Widow’s Month. Our lodge sent flowers to our Masonic Widows to let them know we keep them in mind and to invite them to join us during any of our stated dinners. 


Brothers, if you have time, please log into the Grand Lodge website and find a phone number or address for your lodge’s Masonic Widows. Give them a call or a visit and let them know they are not forgotten. Not only will they be happy to see/hear from you, but you will be glad you reached out to them.  Maybe even mention to them that they are welcome to come to your lodge’s stated dinner because if you enjoyed your visit with them, chances are that your brothers would enjoy seeing/visiting (and sharing a meal) with them as well. 



Jeff Joe

Senior Deacon


Master’s Address 2018


******** Greetings from the East ********

It is with great pleasure of serving San Mateo Lodge#226 for the ensuing year 2018. I humbly accept the trust and confidence that the brethren had in me, to serve this beloved lodge of ours, and I will do my best because I have nothing more to offer except my best. The job of a Lodge Mater is very much challenging, because in addition to being proficient in the constitutions and regulations, ancient ritual traditions, one must also possess leadership, managerial, and organizational skill.  And just like any other organization, big and small, the very existence of our fraternity hinges on effective and efficient leaders who can rally its members into working towards the achievement of its stated goals and objectives.

It is for these reasons, that I presented to the lodge a medium-term plan to strengthen our organizational structure so that all our efforts and actions will be placed in its proper perspective, so that we can keep track of our achievements and determine whether our stated objectives has been attained.

As in many successful masonic lodges, we will work towards the fulfilment of these objectives.  I firmly believe, that any lodge without well-defined objectives will be moving to a direction of irrelevance to its members and to the community that it serves and toward an inevitable organizational demise

This organizational plan with defined vision, mission, and objectives for our lodge will be the framework by which all our activities will be based upon. This plan iterates the vision and mission of the GL of F&AM of California.

To build a viable organizational structure I propose the following organizational objectives:

Our VISION STATEMENT is that San Mateo Lodge # 226 will be recognized as a masonic lodge with members who are well-versed in the core values of freemasonry, who strive to practice these values in their daily lives as heads of their respective families or as an individual making a positive difference in their community.

Our MISSION STATEMENT is that San Mateo Lodge #226 is a masonic organization that provides a great opportunity for men of good rapport to become better individuals through masonic education and training. The Lodge exist to promote the core values espoused by freemasons and by practicing these principles through their families, fraternity and service to their community.

OUR CORE VALUES is that Masonry is the largest fraternal organization and the most sought after membership in the world. It is a system of ethics and body of knowledge that include among others the belief that man has a responsibility and capability to improve himself while being devoted to his faith, family, fraternity, and country.

Our vision, mission, goals and objectives are guided by the enduring tenets of our fraternity – brotherly love, relief and truth.  Our core values include: prudence – that is to help us make the right decisions, temperance – keep us straight and narrow, fortitude – promotes self-confidence and strong self-esteem, and justice – provides us guidance in life.

As masons, we foster moral standards and civility and base our lives on honor and integrity (Ethics). We make a difference in our communities through charitable giving, service to the community and volunteerism (Philanthropy). We strive to be better individuals, committed to protecting the well-being of our families and brethren (Family and fraternalism).

The fraternity values religious, ethnic, cultural, social, and educational differences. We respect the opinions of others and we continuously pursue knowledge, ethics, spirituality, and leadership in our lives.

Our values are the principles we hold in high regards and we invest our time, energy, and resources to practice and uphold these core values.  These core values will be the guiding principles of our lodges’ program plan.   I have presented/emailed these completed documents to our brethren for their valuable inputs.  I envisioned that the succeeding Masters of this lodge in the next 4 years will base and build their respective action plans on this organizational framework. It is our plan and I believe that it is our shared responsibility to make it happened.

For my part, I have identified the action activities along the 5 major objectives defined above, that I think can be implemented in the next 12 (11) months.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Carlito .L Bade

Worshipful Master