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Widows Month 2019

 ****** Masonic Widows’ Month ******

Behind all good masons is a great support system. For most of us our support system is our family and the head of that support system is our spouse. While we are away at meetings, practices, or other Masonic events, our spouse is at home taking care of things for us. Taking care of things at home can be as simple as paying a bill or as complicated as taking care of the kid(s). The bottom line is that without a good support system we couldn’t be as active as we are with our lodge. 


My brothers, when was the last time you took a moment to thank your support system? I have to admit that I have not thanked my wife nearly as much as I should. Our families support us not only for Masonic events, but for work and for life in general. Sometimes, life gets busy and we take our support systems for granted. 


Whether your support system is your significant other, kids, sibling, mother, father, or any combination of the above, don’t forget to thank them for their support. Don’t wait for a special holiday, birthday, or life altering event to tell them you love and appreciate them and all of their support. Maybe even bring them to the lodge for an open event or for the stated dinner.  Not only will they get to see the brothers you spend time with but they will see what means so much to you. Besides, your brothers would love to meet and thank them for supporting you in your Masonic journey. 


Statistically, your wife will be there taking care of things for you when you are called by the Great Architect of Universe to turn in your working tools and report to the Celestial Lodge above. The month of March was Masonic Widow’s Month. Our lodge sent flowers to our Masonic Widows to let them know we keep them in mind and to invite them to join us during any of our stated dinners. 


Brothers, if you have time, please log into the Grand Lodge website and find a phone number or address for your lodge’s Masonic Widows. Give them a call or a visit and let them know they are not forgotten. Not only will they be happy to see/hear from you, but you will be glad you reached out to them.  Maybe even mention to them that they are welcome to come to your lodge’s stated dinner because if you enjoyed your visit with them, chances are that your brothers would enjoy seeing/visiting (and sharing a meal) with them as well. 



Jeff Joe

Senior Deacon